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La Cavalleria 2009

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La Cavalleria - 2009



Originally delivered:


Original colour:

brick red

Original interior:

oak wooden floor


There was the once in a lifetime chance to acquire the old riding school of a

military station built up before the first world war in 1902. That was the time

when they have had the cavalry. To find a home for our prancing horses, where

they used to have a riding school a hundred years ago was like drawing a red

line through history.

Starting from nearly nothing we restored the whole building within 2 years

in the same way we have pleasure to restore a classic Ferrari. We took the whole

building apart and made a nut and bolt restoration regardless of costs. As we

wanted to have the colours out of the most famous italian landscape Tuscany

we found a colour range between darkred, brown, orange to bright yellow.

Today I would say we have found a reasonable home for the nicest and most

beautiful cars in the world.


not for sale